Fire circle at campBYM Camps Annual Alumni Weekends

The weekends are run as typical camp days and include Fire Circle, Unit Activities, Meals, Socio Economic Groups, Afternoon Activities, Evening Activities, General Swim, Rest Period…and more!

A few words about who’s invited to Alumni Weekends:

Everyone who has attended or worked at a BYM Camp, Catoctin, Opequon, Shiloh, Glaydin, Keewadin or Teen Adventure in the past is invited to attend the BYM Camps Alumni Weekends. Please bring your family!  If you are under 18 please bring a parent!

Opequon Reunion Weekend

Opequon Quaker Camp
40th and 20th Reunion
September 28th – 30th 2018

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Catoctin Oral History Project

For stories about Catoctin and interesting historical info check out David Anderson’s incredible Catoctin Oral History Project!

Oral History Project