BYM Greening Campaign – Our Witness to the World

By October 29, 2015 January 6th, 2016 CQC, Firecircle, General


1st Capital Project: Catoctin Bath House Project
It is an exciting time at BYM. In the fall of 2016 we plan to begin construction of a new bath house at Camp Catoctin. By providing a safe, sustainable, and attractive environmentally sound new bath house, our community has an opportunity to strengthen, improve and enhance our camping program. This program continues to changes lives.

The current bath houses at Catoctin were built in 1959. They have served Camp Catoctin and Baltimore Yearly Meeting well for the last 56 years. The  time has come for a new bath house. Few would disagree that the current bath houses are in need of replacement. Many have described them as “disgusting”, “gross” and “in desperate need of replacement.”

Our current bath houses:

  1. Create health concerns for campers, staff and work grant volunteers.
  2. Are moldy and damp- never fully drying due to a significant lack of ventilation and moisture.
  3. Are subject to ground settling, creating cracks which allow critters and mold to get into the building.
  4. Continue to add stress to the current septic system, possibly requiring costly repair/replacement decision sooner rather than later.
  5. Create a significant environmental impact.IMG_1532

Our new bath house will include:

  1. Two family-style handicapped accessible bathrooms.
  2. Nine modern style Clivus Multrum composting toilets, significantly lessening the load on the current septic system.
  3. Two waterless urinals which also help with yearly winterization costs.
  4. Needed ventilation and drain flow to prevent a mold problem.
  5. Solar panels to heat the water.
  6. Changing area for each shower stall.
  7. Lots of cubbies for camper’s supplies.
  8. Two ADA compliant/family style units, making camp more accessible.
  9. A single building instead of two, making for much easier maintenance.

20150716_150540The current 2015 cost to build the new Camp Catoctin Bath House shown below is $297,000. Approximately one third of this is direct and indirect costs associated with the composting toilet system. We currently have $121,103.64 in pledges and gifts toward this project.

The existing bath houses have served the camp well for 56 years. Building a new structure will enable us to embrace our Witness to the World by reducing our carbon footprint by being more environmentally responsible at our Quaker Camps.

The time is now and the price tag is high. But if we work together we can continue to provide a life-changing experience for campers and all who are exposed to our extraordinary camps. Please join in and give now. Let’s continue our journey to a Greener BYM. Let’s Witness to the World.