Catoctin Quaker Camp Session 1 News

By July 9, 2013 December 30th, 2016 CQC

Dear Catoctin Families and Friends,

As campers and counselors prepare for their second trip, we look back on a week well spent!

Despite the rain (and sometimes because of it) campers returned from their first round of trips with many exciting adventures and thank you’s. On the evening of a joyous arrival back to camp, individuals shared their collective stories around an orange blazing fire at fire circle.

Unit 5/6 (9 year olds), told of their swimming trip to Blue Lake and of discovering the time-honored tradition of decorating themselves with “paint rocks” (colored pebbles that populate the Catoctin mountains and can be ground into face paint). Units 4/5 and 2/3 (10 and 12 year olds) both shared stories of triumphs on the rocks and great encouragement from fellow campers and counselors during their rock-climbing trips to Fishing Creek and Annapolis Rocks. Meanwhile, Unit 2/3 (11 year olds) described ending their three-day hike by sharing store-bought goodies at Cunningham Falls (a beach and play area on the mountain) and singing through the entirety of the song 99 Bottles of Pop on the Wall. Soaked, but happy Unit 1/2ers (12 year olds) spoke of riding the rapids in canoes on portions of the Antietam and Potomac rivers. And finally, Unit 1Aers (13 year olds) talked about their thrilling mid-trip surprise when they were bused to a Frederick Keys baseball game where they caught not one, but two fly balls and were even featured on the Jumbo-tron.Catoctin A Tubes

Fire circle has not only been the source of many stories but also lots of joyous singing (both the sonorous and the raucous varieties) and also meaningful reflection. During Meeting for Worship, campers have shared their truth, contemplating the queries What does it mean to be a friend? and …

While in camp, campers also enjoyed all kinds of activities from body painting and making colorful clay animals to the ball game “Ga-ga-ga”, and a camp-wide multi-round Capture the Flag game. These activities also included some more inventive options like “The Great Escape: learning ‘practically-magic’ rope tricks to get out of being tied up” and “Interpretive Library: doing interpretive dance to the sound of dramatically read books in the camp library”. For the 4th of July, we all got the chance to “swing our partners” and try our hands at the jug horn and washboard when Slim Harrison came in to call our annual CQC Square Dance. Another night we were treated to a number of theatrical performances as Socio groups acted out their Paper Bag Skits (short plays they invented using objects from a prepared grab bag of camp items as props).Catoctin A Painting

On Special Day, a zombie-virus hit camp, resulting in a rash of zombie face painting and near-Oscar level dramatic performances. But luckily each Socio group fashioned its own screening method to determine who was a zombie (like an elaborate string maze in the lodge to test agility and a Screaming Olympics game to assess groaning levels). They also developed antidotes, from a spritz of holy lagoon water to a special anti-zombie dance. Eventually we were able to revive everyone back to human status through song and the power of Camp Love.

So as we move into our next week, we send all that Camp Love out to all of you!

Stay human!

Dyresha Harris and Kathrin Gilbert, Co-Directors, Catoctin Quaker CampCatoctin A Play