Catoctin Quaker Camp Session 2 Report

By July 17, 2017 CQC, General

Dear families, caregivers, and friends of Catoctin,

The mountain is in full swing! With session 2 halfway completed, CQC is marking the official midpoint of the summer, but we have no intention of slowing down. Campers and staff alike are bursting with energy as they continue to dive into incredible adventures, give their all to goofy and zany in-camp activities, and sing their hearts out during evening fire circle. There is much to do and see at Catoctin this summer, and this is only but a sample of what makes camp magic just so darn special every single session. And now, without further ado, here’s your inside peek into CQC session 2.

Unit 4/5: They came, they saw, they farmed. Unit 4/5 had the opportunity to hike around and explore a local farm thanks to friend of camp Erin Aylor. Campers and counselors enjoyed a tour of the farm grounds which included a wonder filled workshop. Campers were able to explore “magic spots” on their own at the farm to allow themselves to explore a connection with the land, and they also marveled at the scenic Black Rock overlook.

Unit 3/4: Unit 3/4 hit the water for a round of canoeing on the Antietam Creek and Potomac river. They reported feelings of bonding and kinship after running into fellow cohorts from Opequon Quaker Camp. The unit was also pleased to announce they only endured a single capsized boat during their adventure, quite the feat for a younger unit in white water rapids!

Unit 2/3: Campers and counselors from unit 2/3 set off on a mission of service for their backpacking trip. Their mission took them to the Fox Haven retreat center where they partnered with education and operations director and former Catoctin Director JoAnn Coates-Hunter on various work projects in the local area. 2/3 made an epic accomplishment of ridding a nearby creek of trash and waste alongside Bob Hanson. They also got to enjoy a yoga session with Fox Haven mindfulness specialist Jan Hummer.

Unit 1/2: Unit 1/2 became a group of expert rock climbers during their trip to Annapolis Rocks. Unable to be deterred, every single camper in their unit took a turn in the harness and gave the rocks their very best. Annapolis Rocks never saw anything like this crew before, and 1/2 returned triumphant!

Unit 1B: Our 1B soon to be grads enjoyed a bonding trip as they prepared for their upcoming 10 day adventure. But before their trek through the wilderness, they were able to have a respite of special fun with a hike to a Hagerstown Suns game. But it wasn’t long before they put those hiking shoes back to good use because the next day they embarked on mega hike from their overnight stay at Frederick Friends Meeting all the way back to camp.

Unit 1A 10 day Trip: Unit 1A officially began their amazing, but true 10 day adventure! Camp Director, and bus driver extraordinaire Jesse Miller was pleased to note that their spirits were high upon their early morning 5:00 AM transport to Shenandoah National Park. At the time of this report, 1A has completed the first leg of their hiking trip as well as their canoeing portion through a particularly challenging set of low water level rapids. 1A’s spirits remain high and their passions undeterred as they move toward the final portion of their journey.

Special Day

What would camp be without a special day of transformation into an alternate reality? This time around, Catoctin became a carnival unlike any before seen. Activities included balloon animals (drawn from cardboard), stack attack! (knocking down cups with camp balls), and a water dunk tank with a special camp spin. The day’s festivities culminated in a grand finale showcase performance extravaganza that included each and every camper adding their own ideas and creativity to this most marvelous occasion.


During quieter moments at camp, campers were able to engage in thoughtful reflection and mediation during meeting for worship and provided incredible and insightful responses to queries such as: “What makes a friend real? What are the ingredients of a real and meaningful friendship?”

Upcoming dates and events

Session 2 ends Saturday July 22nd. Departing campers should be picked up between 10AM and noon. Campers staying for session 3 will remain at camp for regular scheduled camp programming and meals. We strongly recommend that families do not take changeover campers home during the transition between sessions as it interrupts their experience and interferes with unit cohesion.

Visiting Day for session 3 is July 29th from 10:30AM to 1:00PM. If you plan to attend, please confirm by contacting Catoctin at 301-271-2156, and please bring a dish for our potluck lunch!

For more magic on the mountain stayed tuned!