Catoctin Quaker Camp Session 2 Report

By July 24, 2018 CQC

Session 2 at Catoctin Quaker Camp is shaping up to be one for the record books with non-stop action and adventure, and fun-filled festivities that our staff have no intention of slowing down. Our campers and counselors refuse to be deterred by rainy weather, as the rain simply provides another opportunity for the zanny, outside of the box shenanigans that our camp is world famous for. Still, despite a recent turn toward the clouds, the first full week of the session offered nothing but sunshine. Our units took full advantage of the perfect summer weather to embark on a successful week of trips, in-camp activities, and special evening events. Here’s a peek into all the going ons of Catoctin Quaker Camp session 2!

Unit Trips

Unit 1B

Our future graduates prepared for their upcoming 10 day graduation trip by embarking on a hiking intensity trip. On their first day, they hiked out of camp and all the way into Frederick for a comfortable night at Frederick Friends Meeting. From there they hiked on to the C & O and camped at the popular Calico Rocks Campsite. By their trips end, our rockstar unit had completed an incredible 40 miles of travel!

Unit 1/2

Our lovely 1/2 tried something different. Their fresh, new hike began South of our normal hiking locations with the unit being dropped off near Blackburn trail center. From there they head into Harpers Ferry and linked up with unit 3/4 for a lovely surprise meeting. The two units were able to explore and enjoy the picturesque and famous historical town with one another.

Unit 2/3

Unit 2/3 embarked on a classic Catoctin Mountain trip around the premises with a stay at the lovely Green Lake. They beat the heat with a lovely swim, and did some light hiking to Aylor’s Farm, our incredible camp family. Many thanks Aylors!

Unit 3/4

It was the awesome, tried and true canoe trip for unit 3/4. But as a bonus for this Antietam creek journey, Unit 3/4 was able to meet up with unit 1/2 in Harper’s Ferry for a little CQC unity bonding.

Unit 4/5

Unit 4/5 had a light, age appropriate hike to Coffee Hollow. They kept it local, but the 4/5 crew are still rock stars in our hearts! The multiple mile hike is no small feat for a younger cabin; many of whom were out on the trail for the very first time. Our hats are most firmly off for this super group!

Special Evening Activities and Events

The evenings at camp have been made all the more special by incredible guests who have brought their talents and expertise to share with the camp community. Super Star Slim put on an all camp hoedown for a barnburner of a time. In addition – new to Catoctin this year – was Fanny Crawford a professional storyteller who entertained our campers, and even helped them craft tales of their own. Topping off the list is Ed Devinney who dazzled our community with his high powered telescope and astro-expertise for an evening of star gazing.

Special Day

Special Day is always a day to behold, and this session was on exception. Campers leaned fully into our fairy tale and myths theme to find their own inner magic. Group activities included the creation and performance of a brand new camp tale, the creation of personalized demigod personas, and a Jack and the Beanstalk rock climbing trip at Fishing Creek.

Fire Circle

When the evenings began to wind down before bed, campers and staff were able to enjoy fire circle for the perfect end to a long day of adventure. The camp singing reach new heights as campers were able to belt out the most rowdy classics as well as softly harmonize to the gentle sonnets. During quiet reflection, “What makes good friend feel special?” was asked to which responses were given that were every bit as heartfelt as they were wise.

We’re only about halfway through Catoctin Quaker Camp summer 2018, but we’re nowhere near letting up anytime soon. It’s a nonstop show from beginning to end, and we couldn’t be more excited to keep it going!