Catoctin Quaker Camp Session 3 2019 Report

By August 6, 2019 CQC, General

We can hardly believe it, but we find ourselves here: at the last session of Catoctin Quaker Camp of 2019. We’re already lamenting to short time we have left, but there’s far too much fun to be had to slow down now. Our staff make it a point to go out on the strongest note possible, and with every event at camping also having the energy of “For the last time this summer!” hype couldn’t be at higher levels. A day at camp can last quite the long time, after-all. Here’s a look into Catoctin Quaker Camp: Final Session.

Unit 1: It’s hard to top a Graduation Trip which the members of Unit 1 just completed, so bonding and fun were the main focus of our Unit 1 graduates. With their most challenging journey already completed, our grads are using their final trips to kick back and enjoy the simple things in life. For them that meant an age appropriate hike Blackburn shelter on the Appalachian Trail near Harper’s Ferry. This lead to a trip to the historic town proper for some historic exploration and even a little shopping fun in old towne.

Unit 2: As unit 2 prepares for the literal torch passing during the Unit 1’s graduation. They’ve been discussing and training for their turn as the oldest campers in camp. For this previous trip, that meant trying their hand at canoeing the white water rapids near the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac river, and Antietam Creek. They were pleased to report minimal capsizing.

Unit 3: Unit 3 was one of several units who got the pleasure to visit BYM Annual session during their trip. This included a hie to Frederick Friends Meeting on night 1 and the relative comfort of their large, shaded yard. Day 2 includes getting to participate in workshops at session as they got to explore topics of interest as well as the joy of cafeteria food which they reported beats trail food any day.

Unit 4: Unit 4 got to enjoy a local, mountain, hiking trip to many of our camp favorite spots. Points of interest included the tried and true Catoctin Mountain Trail, as well as a hike to our nearby camp neighbor family the Tobins. On day 2 unit 4 got to climb, and word on the trail, is that every single camper put on the harness and gave it a shot!

Unit 5: We’re pleased to announce that, for the first time in several years, Catoctin Quaker Camp re-launched a white water tubing adventure, and unit 5 were the stars of the show! The drop off was our own local Monocacy River, and this troop floated right into downtown Frederick for their pick-up. According to campers polled, tubing is a lot like canoeing, but there’s less to think about and more bumps to enjoy.

Unit 6: Last but in no way least, unit 6 also got to try their luck on the rocks for a rock climbing trip. Their unit goal was to have every camper put on the harness, set a height to reach, then do their best to get there. Once they work together and began encouraging one another, they very much were able to accomplish what they set out to do.

Special Day

Special Day’s are always a big deal at Catoctin Quaker Camp, but session 3 our counselors, staff, and campers really went for it. The theme was movie day, because who doesn’t like a good movie? Our twist was to fully lose ourselves and become the very genres we loved the most. Highlights included the documentary group who created their own cameras and filming equipment to capture all the best moments at camp, and we can’t forget about Silent Film who put on their very own perfect, music accompanied, presentation.

Fire Circle and Query

One of the most popular events at camp is, of course, Fire Circle which is an opportunity for both rowdy rambunctiousness as well as quiet reflection. The rowdiness comes from the songs we sing, but they’re not all barn burners. Toward the end of the night we slow it down with classics like Darling Won’t You Wait and We Are Going. Sanctuary is another camp favorite and a timeless beauty. It being what it is, we decided to ask the simple query: “What is your sanctuary?”. Responses ranged from physical locations like, “In the forest” or, “Camp!” to emotional ones like, “When I’m with my friends,” and, “When I know I can be myself and be accepted.”

Community Dinner

Don’t forget Catoctin Quaker Camp Community Dinner is Wednesday 7th! All are welcome to our very most fancy of Potlucks!