Catoctin Quaker Camp Session A Report

By July 8, 2014 January 6th, 2016 CQC, General

Dear Families,

Catoctin is off to a wonderful start of our summer! Campers are working and playing hard, exploring new ideas and accepting camp challenges! Trips are full of adventures, mosquitoes and making new friends.

Trips for the first week went smoothly:

  • 5/6 visited nearby Cunningham Falls and enjoyed playing in the creek at Coffee Hallow.
  • 4/5 swam at the beautiful blue lake and rock-climbed at Fishing Creek.
  • 3/4 swam at Green lake and stayed in the backyard of our friendly neighbors, the Funkhausers (who have been hosting campers for almost 30 years!).
  • 2/3 hiked to Cowal shelter and then climbed at Annapolis Rocks.
  • 1/2 canoed the mighty Antietam Creek and Potomac River.
  • 1A hiked almost 30 miles over the course of their trip! What an accomplishment!

On Special Day we celebrated the fourth of July as Rockstars in training. Evil music executives came to steal the songbooks and voices from camp, and camp banded together (forgive the pun) to help them understand that music is not for money-making but rather a source of spiritual and community growth and fun. And it worked! Campers and counselors used the lyrics from 6 camp songs to create new remixed versions that wooed our salty visitors to a greater understanding.

As usual, Visitors day brought many delicious treats and we were able to show off camp with a camp tour, a sampling of favorite camp games and activities and general merriment.

We had special visitors this session! Jean-Jacques, a friend of Dyresha’s from Philadelphia, lead workshops on Acro-yoga, teaching us about trusting our own bodies and our friends. It was amazing to watch people of all ages safely and carefully lift one another up.

Meeting for Worship has been rich and full of interesting and touching insight. Our community responded in what felt like gathered meetings to the queries:

What does it look like to have an open heart?

Why do we challenge ourselves?

We hope you might reflect on these as camp’s first session is winding down.

As always, we are so thankful for the gift of working with you and your children!

Love and Light,

Kathrin Gilbert and Dyresha Harris

Some Friendly reminders:

  • Pick-up is from 10:00 – 12:00 on Saturday, July 12. Some things to keep in mind when picking your child up:
  • Remember to claim any items you notice in our Lost and Found.

  • Grab your child’s toiletries from the bathhouses.

  • Pick up medications from our Nurse, who will be stationed down by the front porch.

  • Take any crafts your child created from the Craft Shelter.

  • Check-out with one of the directors before officially leaving.

  • If your child is staying for another session, be sure to tell our changeover counselors if you plan on taking them off the mountain.