Catoctin Quaker Camp Session B Report

By July 22, 2014 January 6th, 2016 CQC, General

Dear Families,CQC B 1

Summer is in full swing during this second session of Camp Catoctin. We had an impromptu special day, the first day of camp when a large storm caused a power outage across the mountain. We embraced the lack of electricity by becoming alter-egos Paleo-Christian, Dy-Rectricity and H2-Ro! The cooks deserve special adoration, as they cooked in a darkened and super hot kitchen, making superb meals despite the adversity they faced.

The first day of second session marked the beginning of Unit 1A’s 10-day trip, the final journey our oldest campers take in their last year. Unit 1ers awoke hours before the wake-up bell to get driven out onto the trail. They have almost hiked and canoed their way back to camp, going over 100 miles during a week and a half! We look forward to hearing their stories when they return on Wednesday. In the meantime, each of our units has had a great 3-day trip adventure:

  • Unit 4/5 enjoyed an aquatic trip, exploring the lakes around the mountain. They also had some great accomplishments rock-climbing at Fishing Creek.
  •  Unit 3/4 though the high river gauges forced us to postpone ¾’s canoeing, they rebounded with a highly social trip. After checking out paint rocks at Coffee Hollow, they met up with 4/5 for climbing and finished up the day playing in the falls with 2/3.
  •  Unit 2/3 started their adventure at the Pennsylvania-Maryland boarder. Campers enjoyed the beautiful views at Penn Mar park before hiking back to our mountain. They cooled off with a final-day stop playing at Cunningham falls.
  •  Unit 1/2 spent two days hiking to Middletown where they were hosted by a counselor’s aunt. The last day they celebrated the end of the world cup with a unit game of soccer, then did yoga in the park and ate a special ice-cream treat.
  •  Unit 1B: The 1B Campers took an extra half-day on the trail so they could hike all the way to Washington DC!

On Thursday night fire circle, campers and counselors share trip stories and appreciations and we heard some great highlights from the trips above. Sundays we share queries. Earlier this session we pondered the question: What does it mean to be a friend? Many people were moved to speak with community members of all ages sharing their thoughts on how to start, maintain, and mend friendships.

Special day transcended space and time! Camp slowed down and sped up within a matter of minutes. A whole day of camp was lived within a half hour and staff aged from wee babes to young professionals to becoming their elderly selves. We were joined by former campers who helped us return to the normal pace of camp life by offering clues to uncover the whereabouts of the magical time capsule. Tick tock!

Please donate any gently used camp gear to add to our ever-growing loaner gear collection.

In Light,

Dyresha Harris and Kathrin Gilbert