Catoctin Session 2 2016 Report

By July 19, 2016 CQC, General

Dear families, caregivers, and friends of Catoctin,

Life on the mountain keeps moving, and the greatest hits just keep on comin’! Catoctin Quaker Camp is right in the middle of a fun fueled, joyous summer, and with session 1 complete our counselors and staff have no intention of letting the energy peter out. We’re fully committed to providing an action packed adventure for every single camper, and each new day offers a new opportunities. Here’s a peek into Catoctin Session 2 thus far…

Unit 4/5 took a theme trips to the next level and transformed a fairly standard local trip into an experience like no other. Unit 4/5‘s “Business Trip” was the perfect parody of corporate America in a way that only the creativity of camp could pull off. Highlights included “water cooler conversations”, duct tape ties, and conference meetings to determine the course of events. Campers loved getting into the character of professional business types.

Unit 3/4 went to Cunningham Falls for a local low key hike that centered around ample opportunities for relaxation and play in a beautiful, serene vista. Many a crawfish were caught that day.

Unit 2/3 undertook one of the favorite Catoctin Canoe trips on the along the Antietam Creek and the Potomac River. Campers were relieved to avoid a storm system that would have otherwise delayed their trip, and were able to enjoy maximum paddle time.

Unit 1/2 went on a hike to Harper’s Ferry, and were able to explore the scenic an historical town while taking in a snapshot of life from an older time.

Unit 1B committed themselves to a hiking intensity trip, and made a noble attempt to reach Opequon Quaker Camp for unity in the BYM spirit of fire at the center. Though logistics would ultimately cut their trip short, they were able to pride themselves on the high mileage they added to their hip straps.

Unit 1A Embarked on their epic 10 day graduation trip! When the moment finally arrived, the unit headed out of camp with determination and gusto for a journey of canoeing, hiking, and gourmet trail food. Camp anxiously awaits their return for the incredible stories they are sure to share.

Special Day

Special Day this session followed our ongoing desire to include campers in our process of ideas and themes. The result of which, this time, culminated in pirates, aliens, and rainbows. The space pirates undertook the challenge of building ships to take them into the cosmos while they encountered many a friendly lifeform and planet along the way. The fuel for their ships? Rainbows, of course.

Upcoming Dates and Events

Changeover for session 2 is on July 23rd from 10:00AM until Noon when parents will pick up departing campers. Campers staying at Catoctin will participate in special daily programing from a team of changeover counselors. As a reminder, parents are discouraged from taking staying campers away for the evening as it interferes with the flow of camp. Session 3 kicks off Sunday, July 24th at 2PM. Visiting day for session 3 is July 30th from 9AM until 1PM

Stay tuned for more news from the mountain!