Catoctin Session 1 2016 Report

By July 6, 2016 General

Dear families, caregivers, and friends of Catoctin,

We’re off! Another incredible summer on the mountain is in full swing, and our unit cabins are already buzzing with tales of adventure and stories of wonder. Trips this session have been a high point with Catoctin campers out and about; overcoming joyful challenges on the trails and rivers of West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. Summer storms were no match for our units’ enthusiasm, and though they returned dirty and damp they also returned with smiles and shining faces.DSC_0380

Unit 5/6 hit the trail with a bird theme that they utilized throughout their journey. The trip culminated in a visit to a bird sanctuary where campers were able to spot and appreciate a wide variety of colorful, feathered creatures.

Unit 4/5 undertook the classic local Catoctin mountain hike to coffeehallow for a challenging and rewarding camp adjacent trek.

Unit 3/4 took to the waters of Antietam Creek and the Potomac with paddles in hand for a fun filled canoe trip.

Unit 2/3 scrambling and scampered over rocks on their climbing trip at Annapolis Rocks and took in a breathtaking view of storms on the horizon.

Unit 1/2 bested the infamous Devil’s Racecourse route on the Appalachian Trail on their triumphant hiking adventure.

Unit 1A underwent a bold “intensity trip”, with hiking that spanned through the three states of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia for a sum total of over 40 miles over three days!

Special Day

When not on trips, units were able to enjoy standard issue camp shenanigans which included a zany new Special Day theme. This summer, Catoctin Staff made the decision to include campers in Special Day planning and used their feedback and suggestions to create the day’s festivities. The theme was Reality TV which involved campers and counselors splitting up into groups to create exciting “camp programing”. Activities included “Ca-Chopped-tin!” the cooking show with a camp twist, “America’s Next Top Bottle” the plastic jug fashion program, and the “Amazing Race” the camp wide land, air, and water relay.


In quiet, peaceful moments, campers, staff, and work granters gathered at the fire circle for meeting for worship for meditation and reflection. Community members were given the opportunity to consider the queries such as “What does the Light look like and how do you find it?” In usual fashion, campers gave incredibly moving and thoughtful responses.

Upcoming dates and events

1st session ends Saturday the 9th for pickup and Changeover. Departing campers will be picked up between 10AM and noon. Campers staying for a month will stay at camp for regular scheduling by a team of spectacular changeover counselors. Families are welcome to meet with changeover campers and remove them from camp for the afternoon for activities such as lunch in town, but it is not required. Most changeover campers will receive meals at camp. We do, however, discourage that families do not take campers away overnight as it interferes with unit cohesion, and it is not an opportunity that many campers have available to them.

Visiting Day for session 2 is July 16th from 9AM to 1:00PM.

The amazing camp magic just keeps coming! Stay tuned for more news and updates!