Thanks for your interest in making a donation.


Baltimore Yearly Meeting is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization.

Contributions can be made to the camping program and the camp properties online! We will send donation acknowledgement letters for tax records for donations over $50. People can donate to the Barry Morley Camp Scholarship Endowment, Camp Properties General Fund, and current year financial aid for campers.

Barry Morley Camp Scholarship Endowment

The Barry Morley Scholarship Endowment was created in memory of Barry Morley, a director at Catoctin for over 20 years. The interest from this fund helps to fund camper financial aid every year. A gift to the endowment lives forever and helps provide much needed funding for camper financial aid.

Camp Properties General Fund

A donation to the Camp Properties General Fund helps us maintain our properties. It will be used in the current area of greatest need for our properties.

Financial Aid for Campers

A donation for Financial Aid for campers differs from the Barry Morley Endowed Fund in that this is a gift that will help pay for a camper to attend camp in the current year.