One more Friends Service Weekend opportunity this fall

By October 1, 2012 December 30th, 2016 BYM, CQC, OQC

We had a great Friends Service Weekend at Opequon this weekend!  We got a lot of work done and the weather turned out to be perfect!  We got a new door on the back porch, the garden is cleaned out and put to bed, the awning on the kitchen was rebuilt and the new cabin now has paint on all four walls!  Furthermore, there is now no cabin where the cabin that we replaced used to be!  That was the rottenest cabin we have removed yet!  Good riddance and thanks for all your help volunteers!  There are some pictures of the weekend on the “Friends Service Weekend at Baltimore Yearly Meeting Camp Properties” facebook page.
We have one more Friends Service Weekend scheduled for this fall and it is at Catoctin.  After many years of waiting we are finally ready to begin replacing cabins again!  We will be raising a new timber frame cabin on October 27 and 28th and hope you will be able to join us!  There are lots of other projects (roofs to replace and things to be put away for winter to name a few) that are begging to be done and autumn on the mountain to be enjoyed so plan on being there! 
Looking forward to seeing you!