Opequon Quaker Camp Session 1 2019 Report

By July 9, 2019 General

Dear Fabulous Opequon Community!

It’s hard to believe a whole week of camp has already come and gone! We had a great first one-week session with our campers on top of the ridge out here at Opequon. With hot and steamy weather all week, we found plenty of opportunities to make use of the creek and other ways to keep cool.

Campers left for their overnight trips (“CI’s”) on Monday morning and returned to camp the following afternoon. Unit 4 spent their trip hiking around the beautiful Sky Meadows State Park, south of Opequon, where they saw beautiful views and discovered a turtle along the trail. Unit 2 had an exciting trip on the Potomac River, navigating rapids and whitewater in their canoes. Units 1 and 3 each went on a trip that combined hiking and the opportunity to try several rock climbing routes at Crescent Rocks. Campers were excited to share stories and highlights from their trips at morning Meeting for Worship the day after returning.

The summer’s first round of workshops began on Wednesday afternoon, where campers could choose from a whole variety of options including breadmaking, comic book creation, and an egg-drop experiment. One other workshop combined clay and storytelling in which campers created “tree beings” around camp, each with its own backstory. We’ve all enjoyed discovering the locations of the tree beings throughout the past several days, some of which live among the cabins, and others at the fire circle.

Yesterday, we had to bid farewell to campers staying just for the first week, but also were excited to greet new campers joining us for this second one-week session. It promises to be another week of adventurous trips, inspiring workshops, and general Opequon fun times. We’re all looking forward to seeing what it has in store!

Love and Light,

Sean and the Opequon Staff