Opequon Quaker Camp Session 1 Report

By July 11, 2018 OQC

Greetings from the top of the hill to our beloved Opequon families!

Our summer is off to a magical start here on the ridge. Our first (very warm!) week was jam-packed with outdoor adventures, fabulous workshops and in-camp sweetness. When the campers weren’t on the trail, river or rocks for their camping trips, they kept cool at camp by swimming in the creek and pool, and sipping cool, fresh homemade mint tea (courtesy of our kitchen manager Kary) in the shade of our many trees. After just one day of settling and getting to know their unit-mates, the campers and their counselors embarked on 2-day overnight trips, exhibiting such incredible bravery and willingness to try new things.

Unit 4 hiked 2.5 miles to Annapolis Rocks where they enjoyed a full day of rock climbing on real rocks! They slept in rustic campsites, some for the first time ever! Unit 3 tackled a stretch of the Appalachian Trail on their Secret Spy mission trip, hiking a total of 8 miles in just two days! Unit 2 canoed down the gorgeous Antietam Creek, through to the Potomac River and over two sets of challenging rapids with raging success. Unit 1 joined Unit 4 on the rocks for some climbing, then continued on their journey with a substantial chunk of hiking the second day. They will be well-prepared for their grad-trip coming up next week!

Upon their return from these awesome adventures, the campers jumped right into three full days of workshops. One group learned the history, rules and basic techniques of Badminton, and showed off their new skills during Art Walk on Friday afternoon. The Creative Role Play workshop developed characters and plots to enact in a role-playing game similar to Dungeons and Dragons. The game provided an avenue to explore issues of identity, conflict and problem-solving–all while decked out in personalized costumes from the costume shed! The Cabin-Painting workshop designed and painted a space-themed mural on our band new (but woefully bare) cabin! Thanks, painters!! Chopped Junior explored the sense of taste by experimenting with various ingredients and putting together original recipes. They even shared samples with all of camp during Art Walk! Inner Fairy Lights shared stories of their fairy alter-egos while displaying the most beautiful handmade lanterns they created to accompany their characters. Finally, the Clay workshop learned some ceramics techniques, and even got to try their hands at our potter’s wheel we have in the Art Pavilion! Their work was stunning.

It has been such a pleasure to witness your incredible young people try new things, get out of their comfort zones, and connect with each other. We are incredibly proud of the first week here at Opequon, and look forward to five more! Thank you, thank you for sharing your fabulous campers with us! They are awesome!

Love and Light,

Opequon Staff