Opequon Quaker Camp Session 2 Report

By July 17, 2017 General, OQC

Hello dear Friends and family of fabulous Opequon campers!

It is hard to believe we are halfway through the session already. We are having a blast!

We started off the session with Sunday night fire circle, where we sang songs together and answered the query “What is love?” Monday was spent in camp playing games, getting to know each other, and settling into cabin life. On Tuesday we sent each adventurous group out onto the trail or the water for their trips.

Unit 1 canoed on Antietam Creek and the Potomac River. On the first day they had to pull off the creek for a long lightning drill, but made the most of the time by cozying up together and singing through the storm. Their second day they were able to spend lots more time on the creek and river, and on the third day they faced the rapids at Needles and White Horse, sailed through with time to spare, and finished up their trip by playing under a beautiful waterfall.

Units 3 & 4 hiked the Appalachian Trail to Crescent Rocks, where they went rock climbing on the second day. Everyone had a chance to challenge themselves on the rocks and they all cheered each other as they climbed. Eventually a few rattlesnakes showed up, letting the group know that it was time to pack up the ropes and harnesses for the day. On the third day they did some more hiking along another section of the Appalachian trail and did an amazing job of supporting each other and staying together as they hiked.

Unit 2 also climbed Crescent Rocks, on the first day of their trip. Their climbs were cut short by rain storms, so they spent the evening playing games, singing songs, and laughing together. On the second day they hiked to the Friends Wilderness Center to do service in the magical woods and camp in the beautiful treehouse there.

On Thursday we welcomed everyone back to camp and gathered around the fire circle to hear tales of their adventures out in the wild. Adventure, fun and bonding abounded! Friday was an extra awesome day in camp with unit time in the morning (games, art activities, a creek float, etc.) and a super fun set of afternoon activities (gardening, mud bathing, challah braiding, mushroom farming, card playing, jogging, letter writing). For the evening we had our third annual special visit from Yellow Thunder Singers (an Opequon family), who brought their family drum and shared some songs with us as well as some history about the drum and about Lakota singing traditions.

On Saturday we started our first set of workshops for the session, and they are looking fun and fabulous! We’ve got a batik workshop, a “campoflauge” workshop exploring the ways different animals use camouflage and creating their own costumes to blend in at camp, an “Unbirthday” workshop where campers are celebrating different aspects of their identities and personalities, a fermentation workshop, a mural painting workshop working to beautify one side of our newest cabin, and a group that is well known visual art pieces to recreate as living sculptures and tableaux. We are excited to see and hear all about them during the art walk on Monday!

Thank you all for sharing your wonderful campers with us!