Opequon Quaker Camp Session 2 Report

By July 25, 2018 OQC

Dear Wonderful Opequon Caregivers, Families, and Friends,

We are halfway through the summer and halfway through the session- oh, how time flies! We had a great week full of adventure, creativity, and fun.

We started the session off with songs and games, getting to know each other, and getting everyone prepared for their big overnight trips. On Tuesday, they hit the trails and the rivers for three days/ two nights out in the wild. Unit 1 canoed the Shenandoah to the Potomac and went down Bull Falls, which is a challenging and beautiful rapid. They were the first group from Opequon to paddle that section of river in a few years and they did an amazing job working together. Unit 4 hiked twelve miles and saw some amazing views at Sky Meadows. Unit 2 hiked in the Shenandoah National Park, landing at several incredible overlooks on their way to a total of nineteen miles. Unit 3 hiked the Appalachian Trail into Crescent Rock where they enjoyed a full day of rock climbing and cheering each other on.

When trips returned, we gathered around the fire circle to sing and hear their tales of the beautiful views, teamwork, friendship, challenge, and perseverance they experienced on the rivers, rocks, and trails.

On Saturday we started our first round of three day workshops for the session. The workshop groups are doing short video comedy, jewelry making with rocks and crystals, frisbee games, making stuffed animals, and designing and building Fairy City. We can’t wait for Monday’s Art Walk to see and hear all about how the workshops went and what was created, experienced, and shared.

Sunday Night Fire-Circles continue to be full of singing, wonder and awe as we sit in silent reflection around the crackling fire surrounded by the trees, and each other, exploring queries such as, “What is faith?” “How does the truth set us free?” “What is joy, how do we find it and how do we access it?” And, “Why are we here?” Hearing your campers’ voices speak out into night with their bravery, brilliance, and curiosity as we wonder about these big questions together is such a joy and an honor.

It has been such a full fun week, and we can’t wait for another one! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to host all this magic up on the ridge.

Love and Light,

Opequon Staff