Opequon Quaker Camp Session 3 Report

By July 31, 2017 General, OQC

Greetings OQC families!

The first week of third session here at Opequon finished up in a burst of glittery joy. We’ve so enjoyed the break in the hot weather (and adapted to the accompanying rain with enthusiasm). These last few weeks are bittersweet with our one-week campers having left on Sunday while the remaining and new campers and staff gear up for another full week of CIs, workshops, graduation activities and general camp fun!

Campers and counselors returned from their overnight trips on Wednesday evening after hiking canoeing and rock climbing. Unit 1 hiked the stunning trails at Sky Meadows State Park and enjoyed solo time in the woods (for many campers, a first!). Unit 2 rock-climbed at Annapolis Rocks and hiked to Washington Monument State Park. Unit 3 canoed the beautiful Antietam Creek and Potomac River. Unit 4 had their own sweet hike around Sky Meadows. Upon their return, campers and counselors shared their adventures, beautiful moments and gratitudes around the fire circle.

On Thursday we jumped right into our 3-day workshops, culminating in an especially fun Art Walk on Saturday. We had an awesome variety of workshops. Our “Earthworks” workshop learned about local plants and made their own soaps. In “Singing Under The Bridge,” campers learned vocal warmups and practiced singing together, enjoying the acoustics of different locations around camp. “Kings & Queens” learned the game of chess and designed their own chess boards and pieces. In “Bad or Nah?” campers learned about the history and rules of badminton. Our poetry workshop worked on their individual writing, and then wrote and performed a lovely group poem about their creative process. “The Circus Comes to Town” group practiced various circus arts, including juggling scarves, balancing, partner acrobatics, and clowning, and put on a fantastic circus for all of camp. Our “Campsical” workshop wrote, costumed, and performed an original musical. We ended the day on Saturday with an incredible evening of “Off the Hook,” our camp variety show. We laughed and cheered for each other and sang everyone to bed to spend a cozy last night of the session together in their cabins.

On Sunday we sent off our sweet one-week campers with lots of love and welcomed our new folks. We topped the day off with a fire circle at which we sang songs and pondered the query, “What is inspiration? And what inspires you?” We are looking forward to finishing off the last week of the summer with gusto!