Opequon Session 3A 2016 Report

By August 1, 2016 General, OQC

Hello Fantastic Opequon Families and Caregivers!

It’s been a very rainy week up here on the ridge, and our garden is blooming! Thankfully the rain took a break during the overnight trips. Unit 4 hiked to and from the historic Hopewell Meeting House on a fairy-themed adventure. Unit 3 explored and did community service at Fox Haven Farm in Jefferson, MD, and pondered queries about what service means to them. Unit 2 hiked along the Appalachian Trail to the beautiful overlook at Crescent Rocks where they enjoyed the view, and rock climbed the next day before completing their hike. Unit 1 canoed down Antietam Creek and then tackled the Potomac River the second day, including two sets of bigger rapids called Needles and White Horse. They covered quite a few miles in two short days!

Upon return from their exciting C.I.s campers launched right into a round of three-day long workshops, which included watercolor painting, songwriting, modern dance/choreography, rugby, making a camp song music video, painting a new mural on our old puppet shed, and raft building! We can’t wait to see and hear all about what they did and created at the Art Walk!

We had a special New Orleans themed dinner on Thursday! Both our current kitchen manager and maintenance person happen to live in New Orleans, one a chef and the other a musician. They shared their love of New Orleans culture and tradition with us through food and musical accompaniment. We even learned a new song between dinner and dessert. Everyone was invited to dress in “camp fancy” for the occasion and the campers and staff really brought their costume “A game”…it was fantastic to behold!IMG_0655

Each night after dinner and chores we gather together for evening activities. On the first night of the session we started at the fire circle but ended up cozied around some candles in the art pavilion to stay dry in the rain. We sang some beautiful songs together, enjoying the incredible acoustics in the art pavilion, and then settled into silence for our first query together. Campers really dove into it with their wisdom and their brilliance and shared some incredible insights.

The rest of this week our evening activities were:

  • running charades (think relay race and charades combined)
  • a post-C.I. fire circle, where we sang songs from our camp songbooks and campers shared adventure stories/beautiful moments/gratitude stories and shouts outs from their C.I.s. They had a lot to share!
  • “Encore,” a game where a staff person gives a word (e.g. “rain” or “love”) and groups of campers think of and perform a song that has that word in it. It’s always a crowd pleaser but this was an especially joyful rendition of the game!

We have an exciting last few days of the session planned, with the much-anticipated “Jugs” (a game comparable to capture the flag where everyone dresses up in wacky costumes and runs around snagging water jugs from the other team) and our variety show “Off The Hook.”

IMG_0570The end of this one-week session is always bittersweet for us staff, with the departure of our one-weekers and the arrival of our final set of campers. We’ve enjoyed this past week with your young folks SO much! Thanks so much for entrusting us with their precious, brilliant, fun selves! Stay tuned for a final update next week.

Love and Light,

OQC Staff