BYM Camps are planning to be open in 2021!

BYM Camps In 2021

Hey Folks, the Camping Program Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting has met and we have decided that we will go forward with camp in 2021. We will be opening registration, as usual on January 15th at 7pm.

We will offer flexibility for those campers that would have been in Unit 1 this past summer. You can go on to TA or you can go to your home residential camp and finish out your time there.

There is much uncertainty about what the States (VA and MD) will allow and we know they will not come out with their requirements until much, much closer to camp – perhaps in May. So we will proceed with our planning for camp and try to allow for flexibility based on what the States decide we can do.

We will have 2 and 4 week sessions, but we will not be offering 1 week sessions this summer, as we need to limit people coming and going from camp. We will need to allow a bit more time between sessions this coming year for our staff to re-set, and for the camp to be cleaned. Campers who sign up for 4 week sessions will not be going home during those “change-overs.”

We are planning to still do the work grant program.

Pick up and drop off times probably will be staggered to facilitate decreasing the potential spread of infection.

Due to limiting the number of people entering and leaving camp, families will not be able to visit campers during camp.

Thanks for your understanding and flexibility! We will keep you updated as we know more.

At Catoctin, Shiloh and Opequon (these dates/times below may need to change due to staggering pick up and drop off to reduce potential spread of Covid-19)

Co-ed camps for campers age 9-14

Four week sessions:
Saturday, June 26 (drop off 2-4pm) – Saturday, July 24 (pick up 10am-noon)
Sunday, July 11 (drop off 2-4pm) – Sunday, August 9 (pick up 10am-noon)
Two week sessions:
Saturday, June 26 (drop off 2-4pm) – Saturday, July 10 (pick up 10am-noon)
Sunday, July 11 (drop off 2-4pm) – Saturday, July 24 (pick up 10am-noon)
Sunday, July 25 (drop off 2-4pm) – Sunday, August 8 (pick up 10am-noon)

Drop Off and Pick Up Times For Shiloh, Opequon and Catoctin

Drop Off is from 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Pick Up is from 10:00am to Noon
You may come at the start of pick up to join campers at the Fire Circle for singing and Meeting. It’s important to note whether you have a Saturday or Sunday drop off/pick up. Each session is different.

Teen Adventure Session Dates

For campers ages 15 – 17.

Teen Adventure Program:
Saturday, June 26 (drop off 1-3pm) – Sunday, July 18 (pick up 10:30-11:30am)

Drop Off and Pick Up Times For Teen Adventure Only

Drop Off is from 1pm – 3pm (if you have campers going to another BYM camp, please drop off camper at TA first)
Pick Up is from  at 10:30am – 11:30am
We would like you to drop your teen off at the start site of Teen Adventure and meet the staff, talk with the directors, and see where the magic begins!


We are trying something new this year that we hope will ensure everyone who wants has the opportunity to experience camp. Instead of a set fee for camp with the option of applying for financial aid, we are instituting a sliding scale.

Before you register, please read the following to determine where you are on the sliding scale. Then select the level of the scale that works for you when you register.


A sliding scale fee structure gives all families the opportunity to access our programs. At BYM Camps, we believe everyone has a right to access nature in community with peers and mentors. In order to build a camping program that is open to and created by all, we believe a sliding scale will increase access for our campers and families, and provide a richer, better experience for everyone who participates. This is part of a process of investigation on how best to financially serve our families and program.

Our sliding scale requires your active participation. Building economic justice takes some time and effort. By using a sliding scale, we are practicing economic solidarity: we are cooperating with all camp families to create a more equitable, inclusive and just community. We hope that our broad sliding scale allows more people to participate.


When selecting a level on our sliding scale, we encourage families to contribute at the level that is right for them, a level that is meaningful, significant, and affordable. We also want to make clear that the true cost of camp for each camper is represented by the highest level on the scale, so if you are able to pay that amount, please do so as a way of demonstrating commitment to fair pay for our staff, the maintenance of our properties, and the growth of our program.
Annual Household Income Under $25k $25k-45k $45k-65k $65k-85k $85k-105k $105k-150k $150K and Up
Catoctin Shiloh Opequon (2 wks) $200 $400 $600 $900 $1,250 $1,600 $1,950*
Catoctin Shiloh Opequon (4 wks) $400 $800 $1,200 $1,800 $2,500 $3,200 $3,900*
TA (3 wks) $450 $850 $1,250 $1,550 $1,950 $2,600 $3,100*

*This level represents the true cost of camp for one camper.


Other factors besides income affect your financial status. Some groups of people have specific costs and barriers that the larger population is not affected by. Other groups have access to resources that are not always reflected in their lifestyle choices, income levels, and familial support. Please consider other factors when choosing the amount you pay.

Consider contributing more when you…

  • Own your home
  • Have retirement accounts, investments, or inherited money
  • Were raised upper-middle or owning class
  • Have the ability to prioritize expenses including discretionary expenses like travel, dining out, entertainment, etc.
  • Have access to credit or low barriers to purchasing big items
  • Have a multi-income earning family, with access to family money and resources in times of need or other support
  • Have a relatively high degree of earning power* due to your education level (or other privileges you may have associated with race, gender, citizenship status, class background, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical ability, etc).

*Even if you are not currently exercising your earning power, we ask you to recognize when this is a choice and consider contributing more.

Consider paying less when you…

  • Are supporting more children, other dependents, or sending remittances
  • Have significant debt-to-income ratio
  • Have medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • Are on a fixed income, such as senior citizens
  • Have chronic health needs or disabilities that have financial implications
  • Have limited access to resources, credit, savings, etc
  • Are impacted by systemic and historic oppression
  • Are impacted by state violence (e.g. refugees, asylees and injustice in our criminal system)
  • Have to choose between basic needs and the ability to pay at a higher level

Thank you for trying this out with us! If our sliding scale does not reach the level you need and you would like a lower fee or would like to make a larger contribution, please contact:

By Credit Card

To pay by credit card, check your balance, or get an invoice, please return to the registration site and sign in to the account you created to register your camper.

On the “View My Registrations” page click on “view registration details” green button. It will take you to a page with summary information about your registration. In the bottom right will be a button labeled “new payment” – click that and enter you credit card information and amount you would like to pay.

CampersBy Check

Or you can send a check with your camper’s name and camp on the memo line to:

17100 Quaker Lane
Sandy Spring, MD 20860

Payment Deadlines

  • $50 non-refundable application fee and a $350 deposit ($400) per session is required upon registration. At TA, the deposit is $625. The deposit is applied toward your total camp fees.
  • May 15th: balance of camp fees is due. We do not collect any payments at camp. You need to have paid in full in advance or be on a payment plan.
  • Withdrawals of accepted applicants after March 15th will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

Refund Policy

The deposit is not refundable after March 15th. If the application for a prospective camper is withdrawn prior to May 15th, all tuition payments less the deposit will be refunded. After May 15th, no refund is available. Due to the fixed costs of running a safe and successful camping program, Baltimore Yearly Meeting Camping Program expects families to be responsible for the tuition of their registered child. Exceptions are made only if the camper is unable to attend BYM Camps for reasons of health. We may ask for a letter from the child’s health care provider.  In this case, tuition will be held over to be used the following year, less the deposit. An alternative option is a refund of half of the tuition (less the deposit). If you fill the spot your child has vacated, you will be relieved of this financial obligation. It is not possible to make any reduction for entering late or leaving early, except for withdrawal on account of illness incurred at camp. In that case, a partial tuition credit may be applied for the following year. There will be no refund if a camper is asked to leave during the season for an infraction of a camp rule or for unacceptable behavior or if a child is voluntarily withdrawn.

We believe that our programs work best and change lives most profoundly when campers are able to return year after year. We are also committed to serving children within the Baltimore Yearly Meeting. Because our camps fill quickly, your prompt response is important. We try hard to accept as many children as possible. Directors reserve the right to deny acceptance to any applicant.

Teen Adventure Acceptance Policy

Campers will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Only returning campers (BYM camping program campers from either Catoctin, Opequon, or Shiloh) with no outstanding debt are considered. The Directors and Secretary have discretion to deny acceptance to an applicant, to give priority to an applicant for pastoral reasons, and/or to give priority to an applicant of color. New applicants to the program are considered only if extra spots are available after serving all returning campers.

Catoctin Medical Forms

Note: Medical information will be collected in the online registration process. However, Catoctin families will still need to have the Medications and Immunizations forms signed by the camper’s doctor.

Catoctin MD Immunization Form   Catoctin Medication Administration Authorization

Catoctin, Opequon, & Shiloh

The equipment list for Catoctin, Opequon, and Shiloh Quaker Camps is the same.

Equipment List


Catoctin Handbook
Opequon Handbook
Shiloh Handbook

Teen Adventure

The TA packing list is extremely important; please follow it closely.

TA Equipment List

Proper equipment is essential. Our goal is to provide exciting, challenging and positive outdoor adventures. However, the quality of your camper’s experience can be affected by the appropriateness of the equipment you provide. The misery caused by an ill-fitting backpack or inadequate shoes can color a camper’s attitude toward backpacking, hiking and camping, in general. Please help your teenager enjoy Teen Adventure! All items not listed in the Optional, or Do Not Bring categories are required. If a camper does not bring a required item, TA staff or parents have to drive to town to buy them—and they are often difficult and/or expensive to find at the last minute. For safety reasons, campers are not permitted on the trail without them. Parents—please check that your TA camper has packed all items on the list before departing for TA.


TA Handbook