Shiloh Quaker Camp Session 1 Report

By July 3, 2017 General, SQC

Greetings Shiloh Community!

It’s another classic Shiloh day here at camp. Campers and counselors are playing four square, writing letters and reading under the persimmon tree, and cleaning up the Thunderdome after our delicious brunch of baked eggs, fruit salad and HOT biscuits. Soon the bell will ring for meeting for worship.

Last night, we sat around the fire circle and shared stories and appreciations from our first week backpacking trips. Our oldest unit (1 ) enjoyed a canoeing trip on the Shenandoah River, Units 2, and 3 and 5 told stories of hiking and waterfall exploration in the Shenandoah National Park, and Unit 4, (11-yr olds) shared a new song about conquering their fears while rock climbing at Little Stony Man.

Many campers and counselors shared stories of trying new things on their trip or here at camp. Some highlights are: eating the whole apple (core and all), steering a canoe, hiking at the front of the line, sleeping outside, cooking a whole trail meal (cheesy grits for breakfast), meeting a thru-hiker (someone hiking the whole Appalachian Trail), and writing or sharing a song.

Today we got to sleep in a bit for brunch and now we are looking forward to some activities including sock wrestling, squeegee certification, wineberry picking, and plenty of time at the pond. Also on the agenda are blondies for snack (!), some cabin cleaning, and a big game of JUGS, which is a more fast paced version of capture the flag that the whole camp plays at once—often in costume, of course.

Tomorrow’s theme is a surprise but I cannot reveal any more at this time. Feel free to ask your camper in person when you see them, or in a letter. Speaking of mail, I would like to thank everyone for being respectful of the no junk food in care packages policy. Campers are enjoying letters and books/crafty materials and they are getting plenty of treats provided by camp. Mail call is much more pleasant these days!

I hope this weekend finds you well. Thank you so much for allowing us to spend time with these lovely campers. It has been a blast so far!

With Love,

Hope and the Shiloh staff