Shiloh Quaker Camp Session 2 2019 Report

By July 22, 2019 General, SQC

Hello Shiloh fandom!

We are sending you warm (pun intended) greetings from camp. We are doing great here, even with the heat. Camp so far has been filled with dips in creeks and ponds, breaks for popsicles and ice cream, and a culture of raising our water bottles to toast things like the shade and slight breezes.

We are balancing our active time by playing 10 minutes of a sport and then spending 20 minutes in water, or doing yoga in the shade, or getting creative in the art pavilion.

Today is special day so things are a little zany. This morning we learned we were all going on a space cruise together. All are welcome on board and there are various ambassadors and representatives from plenty of different planets and star systems. Unfortunately, we were overtaken by space cowboys who ended up having a very short time in control of the ship as a robot promptly took over and veered us off course. Ask your campers for details….

Our unit 1 oldest campers are currently hiking home from Shenandoah National Park. They are doing great! We expect to see them home early Thursday and there will be a feast in their honor. The rest of us will head out on a variety of themed choice trips this Tuesday. Ask your camper which one they went on!

Thank you so much for sending us your beloved campers! We still have some space in 3rd session, so if your campers might want to stay an extra week or two (and you’d be okay with it) let us know! Or, if you have neighbors or friends with kids that might benefit from camp that would be wonderful too!

With Love,