Shiloh Quaker Camp Session 2 Report

By July 21, 2015 January 6th, 2016 General, SQC

Parents, Family and Friends!

The sun is shining, the chickens are clucking, and the Conway River is babbling placidly under our bridge; it’s business as usual here at Shiloh Quaker Camp.

Session two kicked off with a quick dose of in-camp fun, including: Dream-Catching, Frazzly Ram (a team-based game that mixes aspects of handball, ultimate frisbee and basketball), making Yarn Beards, and many more activities, from which the children were allowed to choose their own adventures.

On night two we had our regularly scheduled Work Crew Skits, which gives every camper the opportunity to perform in front of the whole camp with their individual chore groups. We had satires of the Shrek franchise, Avant-Guarde Abstract Expressionist performances, a very ‘meta’ work crew skit about work crew skits, and, to close the evening, a surprisingly successful attempt to re-perform all of the previous work crew skits of the evening, but backwards.

After skits, it wasn’t long before we were packing and preparing for our 2-3 night trips. Units two and three were the first to depart; Unit two on a hiking trip (during which they doubled down on their miles and hiked back into camp a full day early), and unit three went canoeing on the beautiful Shenandoah river.

While those trips were out, Unit One, our oldest campers, had a leadership day in camp; they ran activities for the youngest two units, ran the meals, and otherwise let our counselors off the hook for the day (well, not really, but they were a big help).

Afterwards, Units One, Four and Five went out on their own excursions. Unit Five went hiking, Unit Four went rock climbing, and Unit One started their big Long Trip (which they are still on right now!). They’ll be out in the park for eight nights, and make it back to camp for the last two nights of the session.

We miss them dearly, but camp continues in their absence. Since the trips got back, we’ve had lots of fun activities, we’ve been swimming in the pond, and we’ve been catching plenty of frogs and skinks (the skinks are a lot faster, but the little ones don’t seem to mind being held).

Project week trips are being announced today, and we’ve got a fun batch from which the campers will get to choose. In addition to our standard Canoeing option, there will be a Shenandoah History trip, where campers will be hiking around historic areas and learning about their significance, a Nature trip, a low key hiking trip focused on spirituality and the splendor of the natural world, and a Live Action Roleplaying (LARPing) trip, where the kids will create and develop characters while facing strategical and tactical challenges arranged by their counselors (and they’ll probably do some hiking as well).

Thanks for letting us have your kids, we know they mean a lot to you; they mean a lot to us as well. And, we’re having a blast.

Shiloh Quaker Camp

PS- the Shiloh staff requests that you STOP sending candy PLEASE. Please, please, please, stop sending candy! Your campers are well fed! You may send stickers, magazines, mad libs, nail polish, tattoos, etc.