Shiloh Quaker Camp Session 3 Report

By July 31, 2017 General, SQC

Greetings Once Again from the Land of Shiloh!

Session 3A flew right by this past week! Campers jumped in and had all sorts of fun, including time in the pond and the creek, making tie-dye and origami art, and lots of creative ways to play tag and basketball. Trips were a hit—Units 5 and 1 did a rock climbing and hiking combo (unit 1 got to climb in a new, challenging yet beautiful location), Unit 4 did a very impressive hike, Unit 3 went canoeing on the Shenandoah and Unit 2 made it all the way to the Charlottesville Reservoir! Campers and counselors alike were happy that it waited to rain until we were all back. We really enjoyed singing in the Art Pavilion that night.

Last night, we had a wonderful Open Mic night as we prepared to say goodbye to our one week campers. At today’s lunch, we talked about what made us feel welcome at camp. That way we can be ready to meet the new campers arriving today and have our community feel complete!

This session, we are excited to be offering workshops. Workshops are activities that take place over 3 days, and the counselors and campers from different cabins are all mixed up based on interest. There is an Appalachian appreciation workshop that is focusing on history, storytelling, music and dance, a fitness video workshop that is enjoying working out together, a graffiti workshop that plans to install an awesome mural somewhere on campus, a “gourmet Shiloh” workshop that made an afternoon snack for the whole camp yesterday (with secret ingredients) and a photojournalism workshop that plans to document life at Shiloh.

Phew! That is a lot of work and play all at once. To top that off, there will be some awesome backpacking trips this week as well as some special performing guests and a few other surprises. Ask your camper or counselor all about it. Thanks everyone for being so respectful and sending your camper mail and creative care packages that don’t involve candy! We really appreciate it.

Until Next Time,

Hope and the Shiloh Staff.