Shiloh Quaker Camp Session A Report

By July 8, 2014 January 6th, 2016 General, SQC

(if you thought you were going to be reading the report from Catoctin, click here to be re-directed)

Greetings Shiloh Families!

I am writing to you on the first Sunday in July and I have just taken a nice jaunt around campus to see what everyone was up to. I am happy to report camp is feeling very campy. Outside my window, there are campers and staff enjoying a nice treatment at the local mud baths, while taking special care not to hurt any resident tadpoles. Beyond them, I can see another group competing in a Shiloh sport known as “water knockout” while the Shiloh Book Club is meeting in the shade of the Persimmon tree. Not shown is the Introduction to Magic the Gathering Activity (part 2, back by popular demand) and the dam construction project going on down along the Mighty Conway.

On Friday everyone returned from their unit or age-group trips. You might have seen that we got a good dose of weather last week. All of the stories around the campfire that night had to do with keeping spirits high in the face of adversity. We also now have an even deeper appreciation for a song that was written at Teen Adventure last summer and has been very popular at Shiloh this summer–“Let in Rain” by Sam McCormally.OQC Newsletter 1, 2014 photo 4

Tomorrow the campers will be off again, this time on “project week” for trips the campers have chosen. The ages will be all mixed up and there will be a canoe adventure, a giant-themed rock climbing trip, a Sunrise Appreciation and Nature Writing trip, and a Shenandoah History and Spooky Stories Trip. There will also be a trip that will camp out here and help make improvements to the Shiloh herb and vegetable garden, as well as prepare a plot for a bee-friendly garden Dar Williams will help us plant on Thursday before she performs. Hooray for Camp! It’s happening around here.


Hope and the Shiloh Staff