Shiloh Quaker Camp Session B Report

By July 22, 2014 January 6th, 2016 General, SQC

Thanks to irregular weather patterns (“Not technically a polar vortex,” according to the latest reports from civilization), Session 2 of Shiloh Quaker Camp has been cool and breezy and full of fun.

While our oldest campers, in Unit One, are off on their ten-day hiking/canoeing/rock climbing adventure, we’ve been mitigating missing them with having a total blast. This session has seen the return of Shiloh’s beloved classics like Ga Ga Ga (an arena-style dodgeball game), dam building at the creek, and the second annual protesting and picketing activity (wherein the campers this year demanded more deserts, fewer chores, and posted their thirteen point manifesto on the wall of the dining hall). New afternoon activities introduced this session have included canoe-games (with canoes introduced into our huge awesome pond), and comic-book making in the art pavilion.

The first round of unit trips included rock climbing for unit four, rock climbing and hiking for unit three, canoeing for unit two, and our youngest group, unit five, was dropped off at Milam Gap and hiked all the way back into camp.

In addition to our regularly scheduled programming, this session we’re offering a mix of workshops; campers had their choice between a Shiloh Beautification Workshop, altering the face of campus and enhancing neglected areas such as our amphitheater; Classic Shiloh Games and Smoothies, wherein campers play games and then cool down with different fruity blends; the Shiloh Theatre Company Play, which this summer will be titled Never Leave Neverland, and is entirely written and produced by campers with only the mildest guidance of counselors; and the Shiloh Arboredum Project, which has identified over a dozen different trees on campus, and is in the process of making plaques to identify them for all to see. Today marked the second day of workshops, with tomorrow being the third and final workshop period; tomorrow evening, our Workshop showcase will give each group an opportunity to present their projects to the entire camp.

In a couple days, project week trips will go out; each group will be a mix of campers from units two, three, four and five. The kids will have a choice between a super hike (the old camp record is fifty seven and a half miles over three days, we’ll see how many this group clocks), an urban hike (traveling around the cool, artistic community of Charlottesville), and our standard rock climbing and canoeing adventures.

Today is this session’s special day, The Trial. Our camp guinea pigs have gone missing, and after the DA arrived at breakfast with his best detective on the case, a diligent investigation seems to have indicated animal rights enthusiast and star counselor Gabe Oppler as having released our pets in accordance with his radical beliefs. Gabe, however, denies playing any role in the pig-napping. Campers have been selected as the prosecution, defense, and jurors, and tonight, they will decide Gabe’s fate. Meanwhile, everyone today been embracing the spectrum of Truth and Justice; activities have included writing letters to senators, debate club, writing for the hastily-assembled Shiloh Daily Flame tabloid paper, doing capture-the-flag exercises for the Police Academy, and playing classic Shiloh crime games, such as Mafia.

While we look forward to our next trips, and the triumphant return of Unit One, we’re hoping this incredible weather never ends.

Your campers miss you, parents, friends and family!

-Shiloh Quaker Camp Staff, Session 2, Summer of 2014