Shiloh Session 3 2016 Report

By August 1, 2016 General, SQC

Dear Shiloh Families,

Happy Birthday! Every summer, some campers and counselors at camp celebrate their birthday and some don’t. Today we changed that, and we are celebrating EVERYBODY’S Birthday. We woke up late (it’s brunch day, a day to catch up on some rest after our trips) to a very festive dining hall with party balloons and streamers everywhere, as well as birthday hats and of course a delicious brunch. We are planning a party tonight where each person in camp will make a gift for someone else–the budget of course is $0 so they must be done with things we find around camp. This afternoon, campers can work on their gifts, and/or choose from a variety of birthday activities such as relay races, pinata construction, learning about signs on the zodiac (and inventing new ones) and party games. There will also be a pool party (general swim) later this afternoon and a possible hoe-down scheduled for the evening. Woohoo!DSC_0461

Last night was our first night all back together after our amazing trips and we sat around the campfire and told stories and shared gratitude. We also asked the query “why do we go on trips/what is the value of trips?” and we heard some pretty inspiring answers. Ask you camper about them when you pick them up. We will be sad to see some of our youngest ones go tomorrow morning but we are happy to have gotten to know them better this past week. Sunday afternoon we will have an all camp meeting about what it feels to welcomed, and then we will get ready to greet our campers for session 3B! I hope that you are surviving the weather and have access to a pond or creek or streams–that’s how we’ve been doing it! Much love from camp!