Cabin Rental at Catoctin Quaker Camp

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The BYM Camping Program is happy to announce that we will be renting cabins at Catoctin Quaker Camp as an alternative use of our property. We will be renting campsites at 6 (out of 12 to reduce the number of people on site).  Starting August 21, cabins will be available for weekend rentals – Friday through Sunday, with the option to add on 3 days – to stay until Wednesday, if you would like.

Rentals will be run in a similar fashion to a campground.

A cabin at Catoctin Quaker Camp

For Rentals from August 21st through October, check in will be from 4pm on Friday and check out will be at 3pm on Sunday. For additional rental days, check out will be on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday at Noon.

Groups will be provided with:

  • a cabin
  • a fire pit
  • a picnic table at the camp
  • access to drinking water
  • a rope for hanging food
  • the bathhouse

The kitchen, lodge, dining hall infirmary and other buildings will not be open.

Each cabin group will be responsible for isolating themselves appropriately. Participants will take responsibility to keep their groups and other groups around them safe and healthy with physical distancing and masks when appropriate. More information about health expectations and cleaning will be provided in additional documents.

Each group will need to have at least one person who is over 21. Adults in each group will need to be responsible for younger participants at all times. One of the adults over 21 years old should be the primary registrant and contact person for the group using the cabin. Maximum number of people in a cabin is 8.

Weekend Cabin Rental Available Beginning 8/17
Rental Period Beginning Friday after 12 pm
through Sunday at 3:00 pm.
Rental Fee $150
for the weekend
Add up to 3 extra weekdays for $50.00/night
Rentals can be booked the following weeks:
August 11 – August 16
Weekend Rentals Available August 21
through October 25
Reserve a Cabin Now

Please keep in mind:

When packing please think of this experience as a camping trip. You will need to bring all of the food and equipment you will need during the five days you will be at camp or you will have to go to town to shop for needed items. Thurmont has grocery stores, hardware stores and a pharmacy and is about 20 minutes away from camp. Frederick has every kind of retail store you might need and is about 30 minutes away.

Bedding and mattresses will not be provided but beds with spring or plywood platforms will. Flashlights and/or lanterns will be essential (the cabins have no electricity or plumbing). Young people are likely to get wet and dirty at camp and temperatures can fluctuate a great deal. Please bring plenty of clothes, a few of which are warm.

Catoctin is home to a broad variety of wildlife and even has occasional visits by black bears. (During regular camp, bears do not come into camp much as there are lots of people and noise, but during this much quieter time, they may). Food and scented items, including toiletries, will need to be stored appropriately. Do not leave food in your cabin or vehicles. Trash needs to be disposed of in the dumpster near the parking area, and should not be left around the campsite or cabin, as it too attracts bears and other critters.

Risks associated with interacting with other groups will be entirely at the discretion of the families or groups involved. It may be possible for participants to organize themselves for small group activities (no more than 10) or for occasional Fire Circles if appropriate social distancing and other precautions can be observed.

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