Teen Adventure 2016 Report

By July 6, 2016 General, TA

Howdy from Teen Adventure!

Just over two weeks ago, TA Staff at Common Ground started the process of planning, packing, practicing and playing to get ourselves ready for camper’s arrival. When campers arrived (yay!), we wrapped up the packing and ramped up the playing, along with two fire circle evenings full of singing and reflection in response to queries.

As each trip now enters their second week on the trail, we bring you some collected moments of beauty, growth and silliness. Here are a few highlights from trips so far:

Trip One is headed onto the Appalachian Trail after a sunny and wet canoeing portion. They grew and bonded through challenges on the river and are looking forward to hiking as well as gardening and weeding at Boxerwood Garden in Lexington next week.20160625_181300761_iOS

Trip Two is closing out a section of hiking around Tinker Creek and about to embark on their canoeing portion on the New River. They kicked off their trip with some service at the farm of a friend of camp. After canoeing, Trip 2 looks forward to rock climbing and getting back into the rhythm they already established on the trail once more.

Trip Three is at Common Ground today for their service project, harvesting garlic and pulling watercress out of the stream. They just completed a lovely stretch of hiking on the AT (as well as some lovely singing on their bus transport!) and will hop back on the trail for their solos near the Devil’s Marbleyard.

Trip Four, one of our 2nd year TALT trips, just capped a stretch of hiking with some rock climbing at Goshen Pass. They have had Meeting for Worship on overlooks as well as an encounter of a different kind with a bear who was far more interested in their cheese than in them! They are headed soon to Lexington Reservoir for Leadership Day, a day for both TALT trips with workshops and team-building activities centered around group and self reflection. Their trip will round out with self-made rafts, service and a bit of hiking before returning to Common Ground.

Trip Five, (also TALT), has been getting into a great groove hiking on the AT. After joining with Trip 4 for Leadership Day, Trip 5 is going to scale some rocks, then explore the trails surrounding Goshen. Afterwards, they will head to the James River to construct their own rafts and voyage downstream to do some game-leading with youth in Glasgow.

Trip Six has been on a hiking kick! Up next is rock climbing at Goshen. Then it’s out of the woods and onto the river, braving both the sun and rain, then heading to Boxerwood Garden for their community engagement project.

Trip Seven started out on the AT near Catawba, hitting some of the most scenic spots nearby (McAfee’s Knob is reputed to be the most photographed spot on the AT!) Scenic views are often accompanied by steep climbs in elevation, so this trip is looking forward to some changes of pace and location: service at a neighbor’s farm, rock climbing at Shenklin’s Ferry, a bit more hiking and closing out their trip with some time canoeing on the river.

On Friday, July 15th, trips will return to Common Ground for two nights of celebration and closure, including a square dance, our annual talent show and much singing and storytelling. We are so excited to all gather together before they head home on Sunday (remember, camper pick-up is between 10:30am and 12:00 on Sunday, July 17th.)

So, prepare your washing machine and get ready to listen to hours of stories. They’ll need to take a shower (or two!), but are coming home with a lifetime of memories and skills (you may have a new chef at home!) we are sure they are excited to share with you all.

We are so grateful that we get to spend a summer working with these playful and persevering young people. From the directors, staff, and trip leaders here at Teen Adventure, thanks so much, and see you soon!

In light,

Jesse and Rosie

PS – Jane doesn’t know which campers are on which trip. The information on what each trip is doing shows you the range of what all of the trips will do.