Teen Adventure 2017 Report

By July 3, 2017 General, TA

The adventure is underway!

Four TAP trips (Teen Adventure Program first years) and three TALT trips (Teen Adventure Leadership Training second years) are just over a third of the way through their journeys on the trail, river and countryside of western Virginia. Here are some highlights from various trips:

  • Trips are exploring trails off the Appalachian Trail, paving the way for future trips to traverse our local areas in an increasing number of ways.
  • Mukunday and Avtar Moore have given so much to BYM over many, many years, and to TA in particular – not least by sending their 3 children to camp! This summer, we got to say thank you in a new way by helping create a trail on their beautiful land near Lexington.
  • A unique holiday was created complete with carols, a simple gift exchange and a joyful time spent with the caretaker, Mike, at Lynchburg Reservoir – and his two dogs! A true “Dog Christmas” miracle.
  • Rafters and canoers on the James River have enjoyed the opportunity to cool off in the water, as well as wear some costumes as they float and paddle.

Trips are rallying around supporting each other as they meet new challenges – whether that means sharing weight with someone resting their ankle, cheering each other on the rock face while climbing, or holding each other in the light during meeting for worship or check-ins around the fire. All of this is coupled with much silliness and joy – we can always count on a visit with a trip to bring us laughter.

We are so grateful to spend this time with such thoughtful and playful young people. We know we have to give them back (reminder: camper pick-up is between 10:30am and 12:00 on Sunday, July 16th), but we hope to send them home full of memories and skills to share for years to come!

Love and light,

Rosie and Jesse

Co-Directors, Teen Adventure