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By July 9, 2013 January 6th, 2016 TA-Foot

Hello from Teen Adventure Foot!

The sun is shining brightly on Common Ground today, and all our trips are marking the end of their first weeks on the trail! Last weekend, there was a lot of laughter, singing, and games between trip planning and packing. The rain scuttled our traditional meeting for worship at the fire circle, so we gathered in the pavilion for raucous singing and thoughtful reflection on the adventure ahead.

On Monday, campers set out on their trips. We’ve had an unusual amount of rainfall this year, and a couple of trips have had the canoeing legs of the trips cut short as a result. But those trips quickly readjusted and are out on the trail, taking in the incredible flora and fauna the rain has brought out. Mushrooms and newts and frogs are everywhere!

The weather has been damp, but spirits are high and stories have been trickling in. Here are a few highlights from trips so far:

After two days paddling down the lush and windy New River, Trip 1 said goodbye to their canoes and hiked out to the Appalachian Trail.TA Trip1

Trip 2 broke in the new hiking trail from the AT past Pandapas Pond and into Blacksburg where they slept at the Quaker meetinghouse and watched fireworks on the 4th of July.TA Trip2

Today, Trip 3 is working at Cherry Ridge Farm as their day of service, and tomorrow they’ll hike from the farm over Jump Mountain and into the beautiful Goshen Valley.TA Trip3

Trip 4 hiked 7 miles along the ridge of Sinking Creek Mountain this week, enjoying the view of the valley below. Tomorrow, they’ll be rock climbing at Goshen.TA Trip4

Trip 5 spent two nights at the spectacular two-story Bryant Ridge Shelter this week where they participated in Leadership Day, a day-long series of activities and conversations about communication and decision making.TA Trip5

After taking in the spectacular 360-degree views atop Dragon’s Tooth, the Trip 6 rendezvoused with TA staff, foraged the bountiful aisles of Kroger Supermarket, repacked and headed back out into the woods.

In a few weeks, trips will return to Common Ground to share more stories from their journeys, sing more songs, and give each other more hugs before they depart on Sunday. They’ll probably need to take a shower and do a load of laundry, and will likely return with a couple of scrapes, a few new skills (cooking! Tying tarp knots!) and loads of stories.

We’re so thankful that we get to spend a summer working with such a joyful and enthusiastic bunch. From the directors, staff, and trip leaders here at Teen Adventure, thanks so much, and see you soon!

In light,

Jesse and Jenn