Teen Adventure Quaker Camp 2019 Report

By July 9, 2019 General, TA

Dear Family and Caretakers of Teen Adventure,

We write to you from another warm summer day at Common Ground Base Camp. The birds are chirping, the stoves are alight, and the clouds are portentous, but not unwelcome—for after the early evening sun showers that seem to come like clockwork, the temperature will drop to the fabled no-sweat level, heralding in the evening as trips gather ‘round to share exotic trail meals (Old Bay flavored oatmeal, anyone?) or read stories beneath the tarp (“In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit…”)

About a week into their trips, stories and friendships have begun to take form, and us Trip Managers are lucky enough to hear about them as we shuttle them between adventures (and grocery stores).

Trip 1 has yet to have a transport! They hiked right out of camp headed straight for the James River. We met them there with canoes and off they went! We look forward to hearing their stories once they desire non-human powered transportation. (Update: They finally had a vehicular transport!—They didn’t like it; they are back to trusting their feet.)

Trip 2 was also canoeing on the New River, and was offered a goat by some friendly folks, but didn’t have enough lifejackets to make the goat river-safe, so will forever regret their goat-less summer.

Trip 3 hiked to Goshen where they rock climbed and just tubed from Maury River Friends Meeting to their service location, blazing new paths that TA has never done before! (Floating calmly down a river.)

If you want to talk to Trip 4 about their adventures, be sure to use “fuego” and “slappin’” when asking what’s good, as they have been without human contact for so long along the Appalachian Trail and New River that they have formed their own dialect. Learning their new way of speaking will be essential if you want to join in their next game of Fishbowl (a game of Taboo, Charades, Super-Taboo, and Tarp-Charades).

Trip 5 did a sizable section of the Appalachian Trail, including the (in)famous Dragon’s Tooth and McAfee’s Knob, but have a nice rest coming up doing farm service at Sunflower Farms. They might get to sleep in a hoop house tonight!

Trip 6 hiked all the way to West Virginia! After their Leadership Day (who knew human-knot-in-a-lake and fruit-loop-finger-jousting were so tied to leading?) they came back to help destroy invasive plants at Common Ground for their service day.

And finally, ask Trip 7 about their songs! A musical bunch, they’ve been writing songs as they hike through the hills. When they’re not singing, they’ve been carving dolls from vegetables. Not creepy at all!

It’s been wonderful seeing the trips unfold and we can’t wait to see what happens in the rest of the summer!

Love & Light,

Teen Adventure Directors and Trip Managers