What is a Work Grant?

By October 12, 2020 January 11th, 2021 CQC, Firecircle, General, OQC, SQC, TA

A BYM Camping Program work grant is a great way to offset some of the costs of camp and be part of an amazing Quaker community where everyone is pitching in to make Camp its most wonderful. Work grants are a week-long commitment and can be served as a cook, or maintenance person. Parents or community members with the requisite medical training can also serve as camp nurse or doctor, but most work grants are fulfilled in the two positions described below.

Cooks – Cooks are generally required to cook two to three meals each day while campers are in camp. At Catoctin and Shiloh, this means from arrival on Saturday or Sunday (depending on which session) through Tuesday breakfast and then again from Thursday night until Saturday or Sunday lunch (also depending on the session). At Opequon, the campers are in camp more, so the job is more often doing two meals a day and doing the cleaning simultaneously with fewer days of campers out on the trail. While campers are out of camp, cooks are expected to participate in cleaning tasks that are critical to maintaining cleanliness from week to week, but that are too difficult to accomplish when cooking for camp. No specific skills are required, just a willingness to work at whatever is needed.

Maintenance – People requesting a maintenance work grant should have some level of proven DIY carpentry, plumbing, or electrical skills. Maintenance work during the week is typically based on a list provided by the director or other staff of things around camp that need to be fixed, and tasks are often important to maintaining a safe environment for campers and staff. Tasks are not consistent from year to year, but examples could include, replacing the flushing mechanism in a toilet or fixing a dripping faucet, replacing a broken cabin step, or replacing a light fixture.

What a Work Grant Isn’t
A work grant is not a way to send your child to camp and still actively parent them. All campers should get to experience the personal growth in meeting new challenges and learning how to get their needs met with the loving support of their counselors and staff.