We are using 100% Wind Energy! You can get it too!

By July 22, 2013 December 30th, 2016 BYM, General

Baltimore Yearly Meeting and Catoctin Quaker Camp are 100% Renewable electricity.  If you live in Maryland or the District of Columbia you can join us to help stop climate change, support renewable energy and help support the Camping programs in the process.  Act now before this opportunity passes us by!

Residents of Maryland and the District of Columbia have a great opportunity to support renewable energy this spring by purchasing 100% renewable electricity for their homes at very competitive rates.  Since energy markets in Maryland and DC are deregulated residents can choose their power provider including several providers which supplies 100% renewable energy.  Many of us have received offers from power providers in the mail or by phone but it is difficult to know who to trust and 100% renewable electricity can be significantly more expensive the dirty energy that.

Groundswell is a non-profit that has been bringing organizations and residents together to pool their buying power to get competitive prices on electricity from 100% renewable sources for over five years.  Groundswell gathers groups of electricity users and invites power producers to bid competitively to provide renewable energy for them.  This spring over 1,950 households pledged to purchase renewable energy through Groundswell’s Community Power Purchase Program, bidding process is complete and the contract prices have been set.

If you pay a power bill in Maryland or the District of Columbia you can purchase 100% wind energy for your home at very competitive rates. The prices are slightly higher than the standard offer price the utility offers for dirty energy but,thanks to the purchasing power of the large group of consumers that are committed to purchasing their electricity through this program, it is the lowest rate available in Mary land or the district for 100% renewable energy.

All of us want to do the right thing and support progress towards building a renewable energy infrastructure.  This offer makes doing the right thing simple and affordable.  As a non-profit dedicated to helping the consumer, Groundswell takes the worry out of choosing a renewable energy provider.  They are familiar with negotiating energy contracts and have the home owners interests in mind while negotiating with energy providers.

Thanks to more than 1,950 people who pledged to participate in this program anybody who pays a utility bill in Maryland or DC can sign their home or apartment up for 100% wind power at this specially negotiated rate.

Click on this link to sign your home or apartment up for the most affordable price for 100% wind energy available on the market.

Groundswell will make a $10 donation to Baltimore Yearly Meeting everyone from our community who signs up for this program.

The deadline to sign up is May 23rd! So there is no time to lose!  Sign your home up for 100% renewable electricity today and help the environment while you help the camps!