Working at camp for a week while the kids are there is a great way to find out what the buzz is all about. It also helps support the Camp Program and campers who need financial aid. You can volunteer to be a cook, maintenance person, or medical person.  Many volunteers return year after year and find the adult community at camp very enriching. Find out more about volunteering at camp in the Work Grant handbook.

To sign up for a week at camp as a volunteer or to earn credit toward your child’s fees, go to the online registration link and sign yourself up as a camper in the camp “Work Grant.” You must be 21 or older to do a work grant at camp. You may do a work grant on a volunteer basis and donate the fee reduction to the camper financial aid fund.

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Work Grant Handbook PDF

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All adults who work during camp must consent to a criminal background check in order to be eligible to work/volunteer at camp.

Learn more about the criminal background check

Camping Program Committee Criminal Background Checks Guidelines

All staff and volunteers at BYM Camps will have background checks conducted in order to help assure that individuals with a history of certain criminal activity are not in situations which place children in potentially harmful situations.

Criminal Background checks will be conducted on all employees and volunteers. Individuals with charges falling within the following categories will not be allowed to work or volunteer at camp:

  • Any type of aggressive incident against another individual
  • Any type of stalking or threatening incident against another individual
  • Any misuse of weapons
  • Any crimes involving behavior toward children, including pornography
  • Any crimes related to production or distribution of drugs within the past 10 years