BYM Summer Camps ~ Nurturing the Fire at the Center


register_buttonOur goal is to foster the kind of self-esteem that facilitates spiritual growth. Opportunities for such growth are created in the process of supporting campers through challenging experiences. Success in negotiating rapids or exploring artistic creativity offers a deeper strength from which to accept the challenge and risk of turning inward toward the Light. Typically, a camper goes home a more competent, confident person whose spiritual roots have deepened and whose ties to the broader Quaker community have strengthened.



This Little Cabin is a replica of a BYM Quaker Camp cabin.  It was built by campers this summer at Opequon Quaker Camp in Brucetown, Virginia.

This “tiny” cabin has had a long and meaningful journey.

It was used as a tool to raise awareness about the need and cost of cabin replacement at BYM Quaker Camps.

We raised over $25,000 while re-constructing this little cabin.

This cabin is now re-assembled and waiting to be delivered and enjoyed by some very special Friends.

Proceeds from this eBay auction will be used for capital improvements to the camp properties (aka MORE CABINS!)

Will Deliver anywhere within Baltimore Yearly Meeting.

To view the auction, click the picture of the cabin, or click here.