Teen Adventure is an outdoor adventure program for youth ages fifteen to seventeen. Originating from a base camp in Lexington, VA, trips are three weeks long and consist of twelve campers and two trip leaders.

Campers have considerable responsibility for the day-to-day planning and management of trips, which consist of backpacking, white-water canoeing or rafting, and service projects. These trips are rigorous and require campers to be in good shape and up to significant physical and mental challenges. TA Leadership Training is offered to the more experienced outdoor camper in the second year, emphasizing outdoor leadership skills and training.

Campers are encouraged in their emotional and spiritual development as they grow through these wilderness challenges in collaboration with their peers.

Words from Campers and Parents

“She came back singing the songs from camp very enthusiastically. She was affirmed in her ability to make friends and cope with difficult physical inconvenience. The camping program has been a wonderful influence for both my girls. It gave them the opportunity to experience directly ‘living in the light’. It strengthened their attachment to Quakerism. The friends they met fulfilled a need to know folks outside our narrow rural community.”

“… my summer would be incomplete without returning to the camp community. I have made friends under the most trying conditions and those are the type that you remember throughout the school year.”

Session Information

For session dates, fees, handbooks, EQUIPMENT LIST, registration and more please go to our registration page.

Session and Registration Info Handbook


Life at TA

Days vary depending on if trips are hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, or participating in service learning. But a typical day starts early with the preparation of breakfast and often a morning activity such as a stretch circle or morning yoga. After breakfast groups pack up and prepare for the adventures of the day. The leaders of the day often look for opportunities to have meeting for worship. After lunch groups often have a short rest period or group activity. Throughout the hiking or canoeing in the afternoon groups take time to play games or group building activities. When groups arrive at camp “work groups” go about setting up tarps, preparing dinner and filtering water. After dinner trips often enjoy discussion or worship sharing around the fire.


A Typical Day on the Trail

  • 7:30 Wake Up. Group Activity, such as stretching, morning song, or quick game. Pack up and take down camp
  • 8:30 Breakfast
  • 9:00 Get your pack on; load the canoes or rafts; put on your climbing harness. It’s time to go! Begin hiking, canoeing, rafting, rock climbing, or service work. There will be several breaks for games, overlooks, songs, rest, and snacks.
  • 12:30 Lunch and rest
  • 1:30 Resume hiking, canoeing, rafting, rock climbing, or service work. There will be more breaks to allow the group to come together, rest, and play
  • 5:30 Arrive at campsite. Set up camp and cook dinner
  • 6:30 Dinner, followed by clean up
  • 8:00 Group activity, such as meeting for worship, group check-in, group discussion or game, or campfire and singing
  • 10:00 Bedtime, storytelling or singing as campers fall asleep

Learning about the natural world around us, becoming comfortable living in nature, and treating the earth gently are important components of the TA curriculum.
Spiritual development is nurtured through daily silent worship at the fire circle, regularly scheduled campfires, and in less formal ways by example and through continuous sharing of love.

TA Camp Address (Driving and Mailing)

Teen Adventure
495 Snakefoot Lane
Lexington, VA 24450

Summer Only: 540-463-7234
Year Round: 301-774-7663

Driving Directions to TA/Common Ground

From Lexington

  • from 81 South take Exit 195 Rt.11 South to Lexington (there are many 11 south exits take exit 195)
  • After you go over Maury river bridge stay left. Drive straight through stoplight, road becomes 251, Thornhill Rd
  • You will see small signs for Lake Robertson and Collierstown. Stay on Rt. 251 for 5 miles at which time 251 will take a sharp right.
  • GO STRAIGHT onto Rt. 677, Kygers Hill. This will take you up and over a big hill. At the bottom of the hill keep going straight.
  • This now puts you on Blue Grass Trail (Rt. 612). Stay on Blue Grass Trail for 4 miles. You will pass Palmer Community Center
  • Go past the old North Buffalo Store go another mile and the road forks STAY LEFT. You will go by Ashland Fish Pond. Continue until you come to a T in the road (dairy farm is right in front of you). This is Spring Branch Rd. (Route 662). Turn left on Spring Branch and go 2 miles.
  • As you get to the top of a small hill, Snakefoot Lane (Rt. 661) on your right. Turn right here. It is a gravel road. Go down it for 1 mile and look for the TA driveway on your left (495 Snakefoot lane)

Going back to I-64 or I-81

Go to the end of our drive (Broad Wing Trail) and turn right onto Snakefoot Lane. Go 1 mile to
the hard surface road. Turn left onto Spring Branch Road (Rt. 662). Go 2 miles and you will see
a dairy farm with 6 silos. After you go around the dairy farm you will turn right onto Blue Grass
Trail ( Rt. 612). The road will be called Blue Grass Trail for 4 miles and then without making
any turns it will turn into Kygers Hill Rd. Stay on Kygers Hill Road. As you descend the hill
you will continue straight but again the name of the road will change to Collierstown Road (Rt.
251) Stay on Rt 251 until you come to a traffic light, stay straight until you get to the 64 East
ramp, take it one exit to 81N.